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What did you have done? Implants
Comments: “EXCELLENT!! Dr. Jenkins was very thorough in explaining the procedure for implants. The implant process went very well! THE STAFF IN THIS OFFICE IS AWESOME- THEY ARE SO FRIENDLY & ASK ABOUT YOU AND HOW LIFE IS. Very comfortable atmosphere!” – Linda M. 10/3/17

What did you have done? 1 extraction & Multiple Implants
Comments: “-Professional & comfortable staff & office, – Appropriate information provided, – No pressure to make decisions quickly, – No hidden charges—all up front” – Gemmi H. 10/3/17

What did you have done? Implant
Comments: “Dr. Jenkins and his staff were helpful and made this procedure easier for me.” – Shirley G. 9/27/17

What did you have done? 2 implants
Comments: “Very professional and caring, would highly recommend them in the future. P.S. Cant wait to get my next implant!! LOL.” – Mike M. 9/15/17

What did you have done? Graft on lower gums
Comments: “My experience was great. Dr. Jenkins was personable, professional & talented. My procedure went well, and I felt like my whole experience with Dr. Jenkins was superb!! I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs periodontal work!” – Nancy C. 9/13/17

What did you have done? Gum graft
Comments: “Even though the procedure wasn’t very pleasant, the staff was wonderful and I enjoyed the appointments. :o). Dr. Jenkins explained everything in detail, so there were no surprises at all! I will be glad to recommend Dr. Jenkins to family and friends!” – Lisa T. 9/1/17

What did you have done? Bone graft, ridge augmentation, sinus lift-osteotome, and 2 dental implants
Comments: “From the time you walk into the office, until you appointment ends you are at ease. The entire staff is friendly, professional, and experienced in their various jobs. Dr. Jenkins is passionate and enjoys what he does. He explains and answers any questions or concerns. You don’t feel rushed. He stops during the procedure to make sure you’re OK. He is thorough, and you know you are getting the best possible care. This is a 5 STAR practice!! Don’t hesitate if you need a procedure done. Thank you Dr. Jenkins and staff.” – Denise W. 8/30/17

What did you have done? Extraction of #14 and bone graft
Comments: “First, everyone was so pleasant-actually fun!! The procedures were painless and evidently perfect because afterwards there was no pain, just a little discomfort. The first 24 hours there was no bleeding. After the first afternoon there was no bruising. I was amazed!! Dr. Jenkins and his staff were so clear about what to expect with lots of detail and encouragement. Special thanks to all!!” – Deborah L. 5/10/17

What did you have done? Two implants after removing a bridge and pulling a bad tooth
Comments: “Excellent. I had very little discomfort from any of the procedures. Dr. Jenkins is very pleasant, yet professional. The process took a bit more than one year, due to healing time, but I’m almost sorry I wont be back. I highly recommend this practice!” – Gary C. 5/4/17

What did you have done? Tooth pulled & implant
Comments: “My experience with Dr. Jenkins and his staff was excellent. They are all very helpful, informative, kind, and concerned for my well being. I really appreciate their care during both procedures and their follow up care. Thank you!” – Lisa H. 8/17/17

What did you have done? Graft and implants
Comments: “Dr. Jenkins is the best!” – Van G. 8/16/17

What did you have done? 2 implants
Comments: “I was a little nervous to have Dr. Jenkins continue a procedure that Dr. Mark had started months earlier. Rationally, I know that Dr. Jenkins had been entrusted by Dr. Mark, but emotionally, I was still apprehensive. Everything turned out great! Throughout the months during the healing, every time I went in, Dr. Jenkins was thorough & professional, and also encouraging and supportive. Thank you!” – Helen T. 8/17/17

What did you have done? Implant
Comments: “I really appreciated just how thorough Dr. Jenkins was in explaining every detail regarding the procedure. I felt well cared for and knew I was receiving the best possible care. Kelly was terrific…She always put me at ease, fun to talk with, and very professional. The entire staff is friendly and very helpful. Thank you!!!” – Katherine K. 7/25/17

What did you have done? Implant
Comments: “I had an excellent experience (for an implant). All went well with no problems. Great attention to detail by Dr. Jenkins & staff, and they are great about explaining everything, also. It was fun to joke with them, too. I appreciated Dr. Jenkins calling the evening of the surgery & post.” – Lynn B. 7/12/17

What did you have done? Implants
Comments: “Real happy the every visit went. Organized and professional.” – Brad J. 7/11/17

What did you have done? Gum surgery
Comments: “Dr. Jenkins ensured that I was off of a certain medication to ensure I was not vulnerable to a major complication. After waiting a few weeks to verify that my blood work was within the right range, Dr. Jenkins performed the surgery. All went well, I healed well, and I have no worries!” – Chris H. 6/27/17

What did you have done? Implant
Comments: “Dr. Jenkins was wonderful to work with. He was excellent at explaining the procedures to be done and did an excellent job with the procedures. Glad to have found a great professional and wonderful staff.” – Denise D. 6/27/17

What did you have done? 2 dental implants|
Comments: “While I was nervous, it was very easy and relatively painless. Thanks for keeping me happy, calm, and it’s going to be amazing to have all of my teeth again!” – Janet K. 4/21/17

What did you have done? Gingival gum graft
Comments: “The staff at Dr. Jenkins’ office, including Dr. Jenkins himself, is all warm, caring, and very personable. They make an effort to make you feel comfortable and welcome. Dr. Jenkins has a confident and knowledgeable demeanor, was very clear when explaining the details of the procedure, and was always open to my questions. They were informative about what to expect from the procedure, and Dr. Jenkins personally called following the procedure to check-in, and offer reminders for how to best care for my mouth to promote healing. I’ve had a great experience with their office, and I would recommend Dr. Jenkins and his team to anyone looking to have this procedure done.” – Briauna S. 1/4/17

What did you have done? Gum graft
Comments: “I had a wonderful experience with everyone in the office! From help getting an insurance issue resolved to receiving thorough information on what the process would be for my graft, everyone was incredibly helpful and made what could have easily been a stressful experience a tolerable and rather enjoyable one.” – Megan D. 3/28/17

What did you have done? Gingival graft
Comments: “Dr. Jenkins and the rest of the team have been nothing but friendly, professional, and kind.

As far as the work done on my mouth, Dr. Jenkins has done a great job communicating each step of the way, documenting the work via photos (which I am always interested in seeing!), and is always willing to answer any questions that I have. Additionally, the graft turned out fantastic!” – Alli N. 3/21/17

What did you have done? Gum graft
Comments: “My surgery went great!! Doctor Jenkins was very good and gentle.” – C. Dean 12/19/16

What did you have done? Esthetic Crown Lengthening
Comments: “I love my teeth!!! It has created a visible change in how much more I smile & my confidence is really boosted! Being able to smile fully without thinking is absolutely wonderful! I AM IN LOVE WITH MY NEW SMILE!!!” – Jordyn F. 1/18/17

What did you have done? Osseous Flap Surgery
Comments: “Fantastic, no swelling, no pain, very, very satisfied with Dr. Jenkins!” – Sue M. 1/20/17

What did you have done? 2 Implants
Comments: “Dr. Jenkins is wonderful. He explained everything to me as to what he was doing and what to expect. He is very thorough and precise while placing the implant and he checked on my condition in the evening. Great oral surgeon.” – Maureen E. 1/24/17

What did you have done? Tooth extraction
Comments: “I had a great experience! I had to call after hours due to excess pain. Dr. Jenkins called me back right away and was able to squeeze me in the following day.” – Lori M. 2/1/17

What did you have done? Implant inserted
Comment: “Dr. Ryan Jenkins is truly the BEST! He went really slow when giving the shots for numbing and I barely felt it. He did an excellent job during the whole procedure. He is also very friendly and personable. I highly recommend him.” – Candee H. 12/13/16

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