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The Importance Of Receiving A Dental Checkup Before A Plane Trip

The Importance Of Receiving A Dental Checkup Before A Plane Trip

Getting a dental checkup may seem like a random thing to add to your pre-flight checklist, but the atmospheric changes during flying can cause any existing dental problems to become more intense and painful.

The reason for this phenomenon is simple physics. At a normal atmospheric pressure, our muscles, organs, and bones (including teeth) have an equalized external pressure. However, if we experience extreme atmospheric changes, such as airplane trips or scuba dives, the pressure changes may not be pleasant. This is because your body isn’t able to correctly equalize the pressure, and this can cause discomfort or pain.

The structure most likely to affect your jaw and teeth would be the maxillary sinus. The lower walls of the maxillary sinuses are located right next to the back upper teeth. In fact, there are even shared nerve pathways between the two. Because of this, any pressure or pain in the sinuses will be felt in the teeth, and vice versa. This is known as referred pain, and it’s no fun.

Because of this, we recommend that you take care of any existing dental problems before you board your next flight. Taking action early on can save a lot of money and pain! Schedule an appointment with your general dentist before your next vacation.

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