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Preventing Your Child From Inheriting Your Dentophobia

Preventing Your Child From Inheriting Your Dentophobia

If you suffer from a fear of visiting the dentist (also known as ‘dentophobia’), there’s a chance that your children may inherit these same fears. Regularly scheduled dental appointments are important to maintaining your dental health, but they’re especially important for children. Catching any potential problems in early childhood can prevent dental diseases into adulthood.

Unfortunately, some parents who fear the dentist are depriving their children of the dental care they need.

Tips On How To Prevent Your Child From Fearing the Dentist

  • Start Early – Children should visit the dentist either by the eruption of their first tooth or their first birthday; whichever comes first. Getting kids acquainted with dental offices and dentists early on will help take the mystery and fear out of future dentist visits.
  • Be Positive – When talking to your child about the dentist, avoid using scary words like ‘drill,’ or ‘shot.’ Additionally, don’t tell your child that it won’t hurt because most kids won’t even think about pain being involved unless you bring it up. Instead, simply let your child know that their dentist wants to count their teeth!
  • Utilize Books or Shows – There are no shortage of books and shows about your child’s favorite character visiting the dentist. These books and shows will walk your child through a typical dental appointment and help him or her know what to expect.
  • Call Their Dentist – Lastly, if your child is having anxiety about the appointment, call their dentist ahead of time. There are usually ways that the staff can help your child feel more calm and comfortable.

If you suffer from dentophobia and want to make sure your children don’t suffer the same fate, please contact their pediatric dental office to discuss your concerns.

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