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How to Help Yourself Remember to Wear Your Dental Retainer

Woman placing a retainerIt’s understandable that you would occasionally forget to wear your dental retainer. And while one night here or there shouldn’t cause too many problems for your orthodontic health, we don’t recommend getting in the habit of forgetting your dental retainer!

Ways to Remember Your Retainer

Until you get into the habit of putting your retainer in every night, it can be hard to remember every day. Below are a few tips to help you get into the habit of wearing your orthodontic retainer every night before bed:

  • Reminder – There’s no shortage of reminder apps on cell phones for just such things as this. Set a nightly reminder to put your retainer in or schedule e-mail reminders if that would be more helpful.
  • Notes – Place post-it notes on a bathroom mirror or on the wall next to your bed or nightstand to remind you to put your orthodontic retainer in each night.
  • Cleaning – Make sure that you clean your retainer every morning after you take it out. Otherwise, you may be less likely to want to put it in before bed if it’s smelly.
  • Ask for Help – If all else fails, ask your friends or family members to remind you to wear your retainer each night. Whether parents, siblings, friends, or a spouse, we’re sure you can find someone who would be willing to nag you about your dental health!

Skipping your retainer too often can cause your teeth to shift back into their original position. This may make it necessary for you to undergo orthodontic treatment all over again! In order to keep your straight and beautiful smile for a lifetime, please make sure to wear your orthodontic retainer every night and practice good oral hygiene habits!

For information about dental implants or the health of your gum tissue, please don’t hesitate to contact Littleton Implants & Periodontics. Our office is located in beautiful Littleton, Colorado.

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